Oppo 125W charging, free chargers & Vivo X50 Pro- Tech Advisor

This week on Fast Charge, Dom Preston, Alex Walker-Todd and David Price talk about the biggest phone news this week, from fast chargers to free to chargers to the Vivo X50.

Oppo has smashed phone charging records with its new 125W wired fast charging, but it has close competition with 120W offerings from Xiaomi, Vivo, and more – and David asks why fast charging even matters. That’s thrown into sharper relief by the news that both Apple and Samsung are considering ditching in-box phone chargers altogether – is that a good change or bad?

Finally, Vivo is tentatively reaching into the global market with the international launch of the X50 series, and Dom has spent a week with the X50 Pro and its gimbal camera, so tune in for his thoughts so far.

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