Need More Fridge Or Freezer Space? The New Haier Cube Has A Switch Zone

It’s a compartment that can operate as either a fridge or a freezer, depending on what you most need at any time. The temperature in this area can easily be changed from -18°C to +5°C and back, as your food storage needs change.

This flexibility is incredibly useful for the way people live today. On the run-up to Christmas, more freezer space could be a huge help. During summer, you might want more room for salad and fresh produce.

Recently, at the height of lockdown, when food deliveries were hard to come by and freezer space was at a premium, this kind of tech would have come in very handy to pack in more frozen items – in my home, at least.

There’s another adjustable area in the fridge (which Haier calls ‘My Zone’). It allows you to change the temperature in this drawer alone to one of five settings from -3°C to +5°C, so you can store seafood, fruit and veg and other items at their optimum temperature, or defrost items from the freezer.

The fridge freezer also has a humidity zone, which is maintained at 90% humidity: ideal for fruit and vegetable storage and will make fresh produce last longer.

Many of these specialised storage solutions are available across Haier’s Cube range.

The HTF-508DGS7 itself is a four-door fridge freezer measuring 83cm wide. It has a 505-litre storage capacity (which is 28 bags of food shopping) and is rated A++ for energy efficiency. This energy efficiency rating means it will use up to 40% less power than an A-rated appliance.

It also features Haier’s ABT (antibacterial treatment) technology, a UV light that cleans the appliance’s airflow to stop bacterial buildup.

It’s a no frost machine and its interior is lit much more brightly than standard fridges, so that an badly placed jar of pickles won’t plunge half of your fridge into gloom. The appliance is stainless steel with a reinforced glass coating, making it easy to keep clean.

It’s available to buy from John Lewis online and from £1,499.

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