Rolls-Royce Ghost shows off fancy star cluster interior in final teaser

This looks like a proper Rolls.


Next week, we’ll finally see the new Rolls-Royce Ghost, but in the meantime, the British luxury marque has one final teaser to dish out, and it’s about the super-fancy interior this time.

Called the “illuminated fascia,” the interior panel features the Ghost name in block letters with gorgeous star lights around it. In total, Rolls-Royce said, it worked in 850 stars inside over two years of development on this feature alone. When the Ghost is not running, the stars disappear, but come to life as soon as the driver fires the car up.

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Under the pretty design sits 152 LED lights and a 2-millimeter-thick light guide with over 90,000 laser-etched dots to provide light to the stars in a uniform fashion. It also gives the stars a twinkling sensation.

But how does the feature actually remain hidden? It’s more than just slapping some covers on. Instead, a piano-black finish goes under the knife for laser treatment, and then a coat of black lacquer goes atop it. One additional layer of lacquer goes on for a hand polish to bring it to Rolls-Royce standard across the entire cabin. I mean, have you seen a Rolls-Royce interior before? It’s perfection and nothing else.

The stars will come out in just a week’s time when Rolls-Royce reveals the Ghost on Sept. 1. We know the firm will have a whole lot more to share about this “Post Opulence” sedan, its whisper-quiet engineering and its new all-wheel steering system.

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