OnePlus Watch Release Date, Price & Rumours

Following on from the recent successes of its Nord and 8 Pro smartphones, rumours are gathering pace that OnePlus could be about to introduce its first smartwatch. So, what will it look like, cost and when can you expect to have one on your wrist?

We gather together everything we know so far about the OnePlus Watch.

When will the OnePlus Watch be released?

As the device itself has yet to be confirmed, there’s no official release date. But, with OnePlus due to hold an event for its OnePlus 8T phone on 14 October at 3pm BST, there are many hoping that while it has the eyes of the world upon it, the Chinese company will take the opportunity to also unveil a smartwatch.

The internet’s tech detectives have already spotted registrations for a device called the OnePlus Watch in Singapore and India, signalling that the wearable’s arrival may be imminent.

How much will the OnePlus Watch cost?

Again, there are no firm details on cost. Some are pointing to the likes of the Oppo Watch that arrives on 30 October and will cost £229/$296, as the brand is a stablemate of OnePlus, alongside Realme and Vivo.

Vivo has also released a smartwatch recently, the Vivo Watch, although it has yet to make its way to Europe or North America. In China it’s priced around the £160/$200 mark, although those figures would rise with taxes in other territories.

With these in mind, and taking into account OnePlus’ positioning as a premium brand that offers amazing prices on its products, we think there’s a good chance that the OnePlus Watch could hit the £299/$299 mark.

Hopefully we’re wrong and it will be cheaper, but that’s the feeling we have at the moment. Of course, we’ll update this article if an actual figure becomes available.

What design and specs will the OnePlus Watch have?

So far, the rumours surrounding the upcoming OnePlus have mainly centred on its design rather than components. Particularly, the fact that the display is almost certain to be round rather than the squarer construction currently found on the likes of the Apple Watch, and Oppo’s pictured above.

One of the primary sources for this rumour is @maxJmb who has been on the money with predictions for others news related to OnePlus in the past.

Early in September, he posted the following tweet on this account, with the cryptic message that the spelling of Wotch rather than Watch was a clue to the circular aesthetic that OnePlus would be adopting with its wearable device.

I know it’s spelled wrong because it’s a hint 👀

— Max J. (@MaxJmb)
September 10, 2020

This would give the new watch a more striking look than those that follow in the footsteps of Apple’s all-conquering Watch and bring the OnePlus creation more into the territory of the excellent Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 that we reviewed recently.

Other than the outer appearance, the only real details we have about the internals, which again are just rumours at this point, is that OnePlus could use the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100 chipset to power the device. There’s also a very good change that it should run on Google’s Android Wear software, rather than a version of Oxygen OS that OnePlus employs on its smartphones.

Hopefully, we’ll know more about the OnePlus Watch soon, but if you want to know what it will be up against when it finally arrives, take a look at our roundup of the best smartwatches.

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