Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 Release Date, Price & Specs Rumours

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has an impressive range of phones in its current catalogue, from the latest mid-range powerhouse Mi 10T Pro to the budget beast Poco X3 NFC. In fact, we’ve even created a specific round up of the best Xiaomi phones so you can keep up with what it has on offer.

One product missing from that list is the Mi Mix 4, but with various rumours now surrounding its expected arrival, we look ahead to what the phone could bring to the table in 2021.

When will the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 be released?

Xiaomi has a pretty settled release schedule with its Mix phones up until the last models appeared in 2018, as you can see from the dates below;

Mi Mix – November 2016
Mi Mix 2 – September 2017
Mi Mix 2S – April 2018
Mi Mix 3 – November 2018
Mi Mix 3 5G – November 2018

Ok, it’s not exactly clockwork but, ignoring the Mi Mix 2S, you could expect Xiaomi to update the Mi Mix line in the Autumn. So, what’s happened with the Mi Mix 4? There have been various rumours suggesting that Xiaomi was experimenting with advanced battery charging options, new designs and other tweaks that has caused the long delay.

There doesn’t seem to be any indications of a new model appearing in the immediate future, so we’re unable to give any solid steers on when you should expect the Mi Mix 4 to arrive.

At the moment though, it does seem most likely that it will be sometime in 2021 rather than before the end of 2020.

How much will the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 cost?

Again, we need to turn to the previous releases for clues on pricing with the Mi Mix 4. Here’s how much the preceding models cost at launch:

Mi Mix – £469 (approx $620)
Mi Mix 2 – £429 (approx $568)
Mi Mix 2S – £389 (approx $515)
Mi Mix 3 – £499 (approx $660)
Mi Mix 3 5G – £599 (approx $790)

With the exception of the cheaper Mi Mix 2S, all of the others occupy the £400/$500 to £500/$700 mark. The Mi Mix 3 5G is another outlier, as it has 5G support, hence the extra £100/$130 over the standard Mi Mix 3.

If Xiaomi is to stay with the pattern its used in the past, then it’s possible that the Mi Mix 4 arrives a slither under the £500/$600 mark once more. Of course, there could be wild variations with what the Chinese company includes in the specs that push this much higher, all of which we explore below.

What new features will Xiaomi include with the Mi Mix 4?

With the delays and rumours that have surrounded the Mi Mix 4 for some time now, the handset has taken on something of a mythical quality. Will it be a straight upgrade to the Mi Mix 3 or will Xiaomi use the range to experiment with new technologies that will then find their way on to the flagships like the Mi 11?

Back at the start of 2020, there came rumours of a new phone from Xiaomi called the Mi Mix Alpha. This had not a curved display, but one that wrapped entirely around the back, with only a glass and ceramic strip running up the rear side to house the camera unit (and presumably add some grip) that broke up the 360-degree panel. This, essentially, would make the Mi Mix Alpha the first all-display phone.

You wouldn’t need a punch-hole or notch in the display as Xiaomi uses embedded fingerprint sensors, and you could see yourself in the rear display while taking selfie photos. Although a patent reported on LetsGoDigital suggests that Xiaomi may be taking the approach it premiered in the Mi Mix 3 and use a pop-up unit to avoid any additional interruptions in the display, as you can see from the image below from LetsGoDigital.

While the Mi Mix Alpha was revealed to be a concept device, there are quite a few who think that it could well be how the Mi Mix 4 will finally end up, as Xiaomi uses the less venerated name to try some left-field ideas. Of course, breakthrough technology like this doesn’t usually come cheap, and some of the figures doing the rounds include costs upwards of £2,000 which is way beyond what you’d expect from the Mi Mix range.

Another area of much speculation is foldables. We’ve already seen the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 and have news that Huawei is preparing a Mate X2 to continue its move into this exciting area of the market. Industry insiders have rumoured that Xiaomi is also working on a foldable device, with speculation again that it might be the Mi Mix 4. As you can see, it’s something of a unicorn at the moment, so if the final Mi Mix 4 is just a straightforward model with better specs, we might a bit disappointed.  

There’s every reason to be sure that this will be case though, especially when you take into account leaks from Russian tipster Xiaomishka who released images of posters promoting the unreleased Mi Mix 4 which had some amazing specifications listed. These included a Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 processor, 2K resolution display with 120Hz refresh rate, 100w fast charging (although other rumours state 200w) and 65w wireless charging.

The poster also outlined some rather special cameras, with a triple lens combination of 150Mp main shooter, 40Mp wide-angle, 20Mp third camera and a TOF sensor (presumably for focus and night modes).

Conversely, GadgetsNow has a full listing that claims the Mi Mix 4 will contain Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus processor, 128GB of storage, 6GB of RAM, a 6.4in display, plus quadruple cameras in a 108Mp + 16Mp + 12Mp + 8Mp configuration.

Frankly, we’ve no idea at the moment. If Xiaomi swings for the fences, then the Mi Alpha-style would be an incredible flagship that could set the stage for the year ahead, if it plays safe then the model outlined by GadgetsNow sounds quite plausible.

We’ll all just have to wait and see. In the meantime, check out our roundup of the best Chinese phones to see what the Mi Mix 4 will have to beat when it finally arrives.

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