Amazon Black Friday 2020 Deals Are Here

The Amazon Black Friday 2020 sale is here once again, bringing literally thousands of discounts across all of the store’s categories and first-party products. Chances are, you’ll find deals for nearly everything on your wishlist at Amazon this week, so it’s a great opportunity to get your holiday shopping done (and treat yourself too).

Amazon has been offering holiday deals all month, but its Black Friday sale is officially live now, running through this Friday, November 27. This week, you’ll find Black Friday markdowns on PS4 exclusives, Xbox titles, PC accessories, and a ton of other products across gaming, tech, and any category you can think of. Unfortunately, the Switch deals are lacking–you won’t find any great first-party Switch deals here, as they’ve already sold out–but there are still a few Switch game deals to be found. Though Amazon doesn’t tend to beat other stores on pricing, it will usually price-match the best deals available elsewhere. That’s not always the case with this year’s Black Friday game deals–we’re seeing a lot of deals exclusive to GameStop or Walmart, for instance–but for those loyal Amazon Prime shoppers, there are still plenty of great offers to take advantage of.

Here’s a look at some of the best Black Friday 2020 deals at Amazon this year. Keep in mind some of the best deals sold out quickly, and more products will sell out by the time Black Friday is over and done with, so don’t wait too long if something catches your eye.

$40 (was $60) | PS4/PS5

Ghost of Tsushima was the last PS4 exclusive to release before the PS5’s launch, and this epic samurai adventure is down to $40 for Black Friday. The stealth-action game is set during the Mongol invasion of Japan and follows samurai Jin Sakai as he fights to reclaim his homeland.

$30 (was $60) | PS4/PS5

Though divisive, The Last of Us Part II was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated releases of 2020. This post-apocalyptic sequel brings the story of Ellie and Joel to a violent, emotional conclusion, and it’s on sale for just $30 this week.

$27 (was $60) | PS4/PS5, Xbox One/Series X

Captain America and Iron Man may be household names at this point, but this year’s Marvel’s Avengers game put a lesser-known protagonist, Kamala Khan (aka Ms. Marvel), front and center. However, you’ll be able to play as not only Ms. Marvel but also favorites like Black Widow and the Hulk, and more heroes are being added to the game post-launch. Marvel’s Avengers is on sale for $27, which is more than worth it to experience the game’s fantastic single-player campaign.

$30 (was $60) | PS4/PS5, Xbox One/Series X

Ubisoft’s hacker-adventure franchise is back with Watch Dogs Legion, which released in October. Set in a post-Brexit London, Watch Dogs Legion lets you recruit any NPC–yes, anyone–to your team, with each character bringing a unique backstory and skillset. Legion is just $30 this week, and that includes the PS5-specific version of the game as well.

$10 (was $20) | PS4/PS5

Horizon Zero Dawn was one of the best games of the PS4 console generation, and with Horizon Forbidden West on the way sometime in 2021, now’s a great time to pick it up and see what this post-apocalyptic action game with robot dinosaurs is all about. Several PlayStation hits are going for $10 on Amazon this week, but Horizon is one of the few not included for free in the PlayStation Plus Collection, so it’s worth snagging on sale. This Complete Edition gets you the excellent Frozen Wilds DLC as well.

$30 (was $60) | PS4/PS5

This is probably one of the most underrated game deals you’ll see this Black Friday. 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim released worldwide in September and tells one of the most fascinating, intriguing stories we’ve seen in a video game this year. Combining real-time strategy battles with visual novel-esque adventure segments where you explore a certain character’s story, 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim is a must-play for fans of narrative-driven games.

$30 (was $40) | Switch

Sega’s speedy blue hedgehog is about to celebrate his 30th anniversary next year, so why not celebrate early with the Sonic Mania + Team Sonic Racing double pack? On sale for $30 during Black Friday, the double pack combines two great Sonic games. Sonic Mania delivers a classic Sonic platforming experience with gorgeous pixel graphics, while Team Sonic Racing lets you race as your favorite characters from the series.

$45 (was $60) | PS4/PS5

If you’re looking for PS Plus deals this Black Friday, you should know this isn’t the best price on PS Plus you can find right now. Over at Ebay, you can buy 12-month PS Plus subscriptions for less than $35. But if you don’t feel comfortable buying from Ebay, Amazon has 12-month subscriptions for $45 during Black Friday. These subscriptions can be stacked, which means current members can take advantage of the discount and save long-term.

$85 (was $170)

A slew of Razer peripherals are on sale for Black Friday, and one of the best deals available so far is for the popular BlackWidow Elite mechanical gaming keyboard. The version with tactile and clicky green switches is on sale for just $85–its best price ever on Amazon. This is a great keyboard option for PC gamers, featuring an ergonomic wrist pad, programmable macros, and customizable RGB lighting.

$100 (was $150)

One of Razer’s most popular gaming mice, the Razer Viper, features in Amazon’s Black Friday sale as well. The wireless Razer Viper Ultimate features a low-latency wireless connection, an ambidextrous design, and optical mouse switches for greater precision and speed. It’s $50 off this week only.

$50 (was $80)

The Razer Kraken gaming headset comes in multiple shades and styles, but during Black Friday, you can save 30 bucks on the Quartz Pink Kraken headset. While the shade is perfect for those with a pink- or pastel-themed gaming setup, the Kraken is also a fantastic solid gaming headset in its own right, delivering great sound and a comfortable fit for an affordable price.

$30-$39 (was $50)

PowerA makes some of our favorite third-party accessories, and its line of enhanced wireless Switch controllers are great budget alternatives to the pricey Switch Pro Controller. These wireless controllers come in dozens of eye-catching designs, and six of them are on sale for Black Friday. They feature Bluetooth connectivity, button mapping, and a comfortable ergonomic design, but keep in mind they use AA batteries. If you need a backup controller or one to pull out for multiplayer sessions, this is a great option.

$39 (was $60)

The recently released 4th generation Echo Dot is on sale for a new low price this Black Friday. You can get the model with the digital clock for only $39, which is more than $20 off. That’s a stellar deal for a versatile smart speaker that happens to have the best Echo Dot design yet–the spherical shape helps sound travel throughout the room. Alternatively, you can get the same Echo Dot without a clock for $29.

$30 (was $50)

Amazon’s popular Fire TV Stick line is discounted for Black Friday, including the 4K model at just $30. Streaming devices are practically essential nowadays if you don’t have a smart TV, as they offer access to all of your favorite streaming services. The Fire TV Stick 4K happens to be one of the best streaming devices, and you can’t beat this deal.

$598 (was $750)

If you’re looking for a TV to pair with your new PS5 or Xbox Series X, this Samsung model is a fantastic option. The Samsung 55-inch QLED 4K Smart TV has a stunning true 4K picture with HDR. It also has Alexa built-in and features instant and convenient access to streaming services.

$50 (was $80)

Amazon has a really good deal on one of the cooler Marvel Lego sets. Right now, you can save $30 on the Avengers Ultimate Quinjet kit. The 838-piece build comes with six minifigures: Rocket, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and a pair of Chitauri. The ship has multiple shooters as well as a functional cockpit and passenger seat.

$15 (was $25)

While used as storage for a variety of devices including cameras, microSD cards are a particularly vital Nintendo Switch accessory. With an onboard storage capacity of only 32GB, most Switch users are bound to run out of space. That’s where a microSD card comes in. Amazon has SanDisk Ultra 128GB microSD cards discounted to only $15.

$50 (was $80)

Sega’s mini retro console is down to $50 in Amazon’s Black Friday sale, and though this isn’t the lowest price we’ve seen it at, it’s still a solid buy for those who want to replay the classic games of their childhood. The Genesis Mini comes preloaded with 42 games, such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Castlevania: Bloodlines, and includes two wired controllers as well.

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