Vivo X60 Release Date, Price, Design & Specs Rumours

Vivo’s X50 series only arrived in July 2020, but we’re already expecting the follow-up X60 phones – and for the first time we have good reason to hope that some of the X60 series might actually release in the UK.

Leaks point to an announcement from Vivo within the next few weeks – here’s everything we know so far about the X60.

When is the Vivo X60 release date?

Vivo hasn’t confirmed when it’s planning to launch the X60 series, but tipster Digital Chat Station claims that the launch is set for around 28 December.

This is likely to just be the reveal of the phones, with them going on sale some time in January.

Will the X60 launch in the UK and Europe?

We’re not sure yet. Technically Vivo never launched the X50 phones in the UK, but instead it re-branded the X50 Pro and released it here as the Vivo X51 – the first flagship phone the company actually launched in the UK at all.

If Vivo is serious about pushing into the UK market, it makes sense that it would try to follow the X51 up with at least one of the X60 phones, though whether it would use that name or launch as the X61 remains to be seen.

How much will the X60 cost?

So far there haven’t been any serious leaks in terms of price. The original X50 started from CNY3,498 (£395/$490) and went up to around CNY5,998 (£680/$850) for the maxed out X50 Pro+. When the X51 finally launched in the UK, it cost a fairly steep £749.

The X60 series is also expected to include three phones – the X60, X60 Pro, and X60s 5G. The X60s is likely to be a cheaper entry-level model though, so pricing across the range might be a little lower this time – and we’d certainly hope that will be true if any of the models hit the UK market.

What about the X60 design and specs?

Here we know a little bit more, thanks to some fairly extensive leaks across the board.

The X60 and X60 Pro were first seen together in a leaked photo that appeared on Weibo, showing the two phones side by side, with a flat screen on the X60 and a curved display for the X60 Pro, and a central punch-hole selfie camera for both – rumoured to be a 120Hz panel from Samsung.

A later leaked promo image revealed the rear of the phones, which looks remarkably similar to the X50 phones, with a tiered rectangular camera module dominated by one large lens, with two smaller shooters below it, and the flash below that. We don’t know the specs of those cameras yet, but since the X50 Pro made headlines with its integrated gimbal we’d be surprised if that didn’t make a return in the X60 series.

The only phone of the three we haven’t seen any images of yet is the X60s 5G, so we don’t know if this will look similar, or use a different design to distinguish it from the proper flagship models.

It will certainly have different specs, with leaks pointing towards the Snapdragon 765G in the X60s, but the debut of the Samsung Exynos 1080 chipset in at least one of the other two models. Samsung’s first 5nm chip is pegged to deliver performance around – and maybe even slightly ahead of – the Snapdragon 865+, so the X60 and X60 Pro could pack some serious power.

Finally, multiple X60 phones popped up with 3C certification, revealing that they will have 33W fast charging.

It’s also all-but-confirmed that the X60 series will launch with OriginOS, Vivo’s upcoming new operating system, intended to replace its much maligned FuntouchOS. We’ve never loved Funtouch, but it’s improved substantially over the last year or two as Vivo has simplified it, stripped it back, and reverted to a cleaner Android experience – changes it promises will also be seen in OriginOS.

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