Redmi Note 10 Release Date, Price, Specs & Feature Rumours

Redmi’s Note range has quickly built a reputation for providing impressive specs for a budget price. Now with the new model set to launch, we round up all the news and rumours surrounding the highly anticipated Redmi Note 10 range.

We’re expecting to see multiple Redmi Note 10 phones launch globally, and there’s not long to wait now either.

When will the Redmi Note 10 be released?

Xiaomi has confirmed that the the Redmi Note 10 will make its global debut on 4 March 2021, with launch events taking place in both Europe and India.   

The Redmi Note Series is about living for the challenge.

On March 4th 20:00 (GMT+8) witness how #RedmiNote10Series continues this legacy!

— Xiaomi (@Xiaomi)
February 25, 2021

With the Redmi Note 9 range, the Note 9 Pro was the first to appear, launching in India in March then becoming available globally in May. The Note 9S launched around the world in April, while the standard Note 9 appeared in May. It’s possible that Xiaomi will take the same approach this year, so don’t necessarily expect every Redmi Note 10 phone to launch simultaneously.

There’s already an official Redmi Note 10 page on the site where you can check out all the latest teasers from Xiaomi regarding its new Redmi model.

How much will the Redmi Note 10 cost?

There’s no official confirmation on a price for the Redmi Note 10 at the moment, so it’s worth considering how much its predecessor cost as a guide.

In the UK, the Redmi Note 9 came in two versions, which lined up like this:

Redmi Note 9 3GB/64GB – £179
Redmi Note 10 4G/128GB – £199

These were also accompanied by the Redmi Note 9S, Note 9T and Note 9 Pro, which may follow suit with the Note 10 range.

Redmi Note 9S 4GB/64GB – £199
Redmi Note 9S 6GB/128GB – £229
Redmi Note 9T 4GB/64GB – £229
Redmi Note 9T 4GB/128GB – £249
Redmi Note 9 Pro 6GB/64GB – £249
Redmi Note 9 Pro 6GB/128GB – £269

There are indications that Xiaomi could be preparing 5G capabilities for the new version, as it did with the Redmi Note 9T, plus a bump in specs for the main camera, so it could be that the price creeps up. But we’re quite confident that the Redmi Note 10 series won’t wander too far from the cost of the Note 9 models.

What specs and features will we see in the Redmi Note 10?

So far, there’s been little in the way of confirmed specifications for the Redmi Note 10, though Xiaomi has confirmed on Twitter that fans can expect the series to support a 120Hz refresh rate display and 108Mp rear camera – both specs seen in the flagship Xiaomi Mi 11.

Obviously, with the launch date so close there have been a number of rumours and leaks give us a more complete picture of what the final version may contain.

GSMArena reported on a leaked image of the box for the Redmi Note 10, on which it shows that the device will feature a FHD+ AMOLED DotDisplay and 48Mp Quad camera. This would be a step up from the IPS panel on the Redmi Note 9 but looks like the optics will remain the same.

Of course, a 48Mp camera clashes with Xiaomi’s own claims about a 108Mp shooter, but that likely only means that the high-res shooter will be reserved for the Note 10 Pro model, with more modest specs on the vanilla Note 10.

One thing we know for certain is that the Redmi Note 10 will move from the MediaTek Helio chip that was in the Note 9 to a mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Which one remains a mystery at the time of writing, but it could be the 765G that’s found in the Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite or the 750G that made its way to the Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite 5G. The 732G that appeared in the Poco X3 NFC is probably too low and doesn’t have the 5G capabilities that new phones in 2021 will no doubt have as standard.

Gorilla Glass will appear on the front panel of the Note 10, as stated on an official image form the Redmi Note 10 mini-site. Curiously, where several news sites have shown the same image also stating an IP52 waterproof rating, it currently has that part missing from the image but leaves a comma behind as if it’s meant to be there. This could be a fault with the rendering of the site or is it a last-minute change to the device itself?

The handset is promised to feature a new design which is slimmer and lighter than its predecessor. Xiaomi also states that the model will features faster charging, so could it be that Qualcomm’s Quick Charging 4+ or 5 technology will make accompany its processors to the Note range this year?

Whatever the truth, all will be revealed on 4 March. So be sure to check back on that date, as we’ll be covering all Redmi has to offer for customers in 2021.

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