When is the Next Apple Event?

Apple is a company that loves events, and that was more evident in 2020 than ever before, with the company hosting three consecutive months of product reveals in the latter half of the year. That pace isn’t slowing in 2021, with Apple’s Spring Loaded event revealing the new iPad Pro, Apple TV 4K and 24in iMac in April, and WWDC revealing the latest updates to Apple’s various operating systems.

But when will the next Apple event take place? And what should I expect? Here’s all you need to know about Apple’s upcoming event schedule.

When is the next Apple event taking place?

Unless Apple is planning on an unexpected event sometime over the summer months, the next Apple event will likely be the launch of the iPhone 13 and new Apple Watch in September.

What will Apple announce at its September event?

While it’s a little early to give concrete details on what to expect from Apple’s September 2021 event, we can speculate based on previous years – especially given the fact Apple likes to stick to its yearly schedule where possible.

With that in mind, it’s highly likely that we’ll see the reveal of the iPhone 13 range at the September event. Rumours suggest a refinement rather than a redesign, with bigger batteries, better displays and improved camera systems allegedly on the way, and with production allegedly ahead of schedule, it likely won’t get delayed until October (or November) as was the case in 2020. 

Alongside the release of the iPhone 13 range is the Apple Watch Series 7 – and it’s set to be an exciting one, if rumours are to be believed. Recent rumblings suggest we could see the first full redesign of the Apple Watch since its inception back in 2015 – shrinking of bezels aside – with an industrial, angular design similar to that of the iPhone and iPad range said to be on offer. 

Given the fact that Apple also took the opportunity to release the redesigned iPad Air and upgraded entry-level iPad in September 2020, it’s possible that we could see upgraded tablets this time around too. Rumours are lighter here compared to the iPhone and Apple Watch, but one source suggests we’ll be seeing a redesigned iPad Mini this year, bringing the tiny tablet in line with most of the iPad range in terms of design. 

Upcoming Apple events

Apple tends to host events at the same time every year, making it a little easier to predict when certain products might launch. Although 2020 did admittedly break away from the standard schedule due to COVID-19, we imagine Apple will return to its standard product release schedule from this point.

October 2021 event

The last event of the year for Apple will likely be the October event. Apple tends to launch new Macs around this time of year, so it’s likely when the company will reveal the redesigned MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, and possibly new entries in the iMac range too – after all, some people need a bigger display than 24in.

If Apple doesn’t announce the updated iPads in September, it’ll likely do so at the October event.

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