A PS5 restock will happen at Sony’s PlayStation Direct today

Good luck to everyone trying to get one today.

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PlayStation Direct, Sony’s online store dedicated to PlayStation products, will have a restock of PS5 and PS5 Digital consoles Thursday. The first people with access to the restock are those lucky few who received an early access email directly from Sony Tuesday. They’re able to log into the site now. 

Then at 2:15 p.m. PT (5:15 p.m. ET), everyone else will be able to visit the site and grab a PS5, if they’re lucky. A queue will start and once people are in the queue, they will then be divvied up into groups. Depending on the group and when they log in, they could get to the checkout screen to buy a console. 

One helpful tip for PlayStation Direct restocks is that once you’re “in line,” share that link with other devices that aren’t using the same network. For example, if you’re in line on your laptop, copy that link and send it to your phone, as long as it’s on a cell signal, not the same Wi-Fi as the laptop. Don’t try multiple browser tabs — that will not work. 

Good luck to everyone trying to get a PS5!

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