The beastly Vitamix 7500 is down to $290, its lowest price ever (by far)


If it’s power you seek in a blender, the Vitamix 7500 is where you’ll find it. Just ask CNET’s Ry Crist who reviewed the high-end blender and dubbed it “a muscle car for your kitchen” and “one of the most consistently powerful blenders that we tested.” He also concluded that, as tempting as that “freakishly powerful motor is, it’s difficult to justify the $529 Vitamix over some of the more affordable competitors available.” Well, good news: The muscle-y 7500 is down to $290 in a flash sale on That’s the cheapest it’s ever been for a new model, so far as we can tell.

This is a flash sale that runs until Saturday or until supplies run out and I’m willing to bet supplies will indeed run out. We’ve only seen this monster blender go even within $100 of this all-time-low sale price on Amazon one time (down to $380) and you’re not likely to find it at this price again anytime soon. The 2.2-horsepower 7500 comes standard with 64-ounce container. It’s available in black red or white for the sale price and comes with a seven-year warranty. 

Read more in Ry Crist’s full review of the Vitamix 7500 blender here and snatch one up on sale before they’re gone. 

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